Christine Breen

Her Name is Rose  is my first novel, published in April 2015 by St. Martin’s Press.  Translated into Polish and Turkish, also available as an audio book.  The Year of Two Blue Moons  is my second novel. New York was home until I moved to the west of Ireland—with my Irish born husband, novelist, Niall Williams.

Writer Christine Breen at Old Ground Hotel, Ennis.In our early years in Kiltumper, Niall and I’ve co-authored four, bestselling non-fiction books on country living in County Clare, which were published by Soho Press in New York. The first, O Come Ye Back to Ireland, is available as an ebook.

In 2001-2, with my children and Niall, I travelled around the world for 9 months. So Many Miles to Paradise is the travel memoir I wrote about that journey. (Available as an ebook.)

Little known facts: I’ve been a copyeditor for ‘The American Journal of Medicine’, a homeopath, an administrator of writing workshops, the author of a monthly column called View from Kiltumper, and a garden designer.