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Second Novel Finished

The Year of Two Blue Moons is finished…. You work yourself into a frenzy, you live, eat, sleep, dream about your characters and then one day they’re gone. Off to another reader. To an agent perhaps, if you’re lucky enough like me to have one, and then you wait. And hope. And hope that the agent will like it as much as you do. The letting go of my characters is harder than I thought, this second time around. What is it about? The Year of Two Blue Moons is  a contemporary novel set on an island off the coast of Read More

Two Blue Moons: The Beginning

Breath. Blue. Brown. Breathe. White. Brown. Breathe. Green. Brown. Fifty strokes out to the cool center of the lagoon. Spearing the water in perfect rhythm like a metronome, one hand after the other. Spearing like forked arrows. Each cupped palm diving, pulling forward. Counting strokes. Alternating breaths. Green blue white brown. Mouth a crooked OH as the chin turns to suck in the air now blue. Left right left right. Now white. Now green. Counting backward from nine and down again. Opening eyes under water they see only the brown of the lagoon. When she reaches her destination – the Read More

Publication Day Interview for Paperback Edition of Her Name is Rose

Fellow Prime Writer, and novelist, Louise Beech, interviewed me about writing and music and family and the US trade paperback publication of HER NAME IS ROSE. Here’s the interview from the prime writers website. Louise Beech: Christine, I absolutely adored Her Name is Rose.  It was like a gorgeous lyrical piece of music, with language so rich and descript it put me in the heads and homes of your characters.  I desperately wanted Iris to be well, and I was with her every step of the journey to fulfil the promise to her husband, and give the ultimate gift to her daughter. Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Musings from Kiltumper

It was inevitable that I would end up living and writing in Ireland. It was kismet. I’ve had a handful of literary awakenings throughout my life — all of them involving Ireland. My first awakening was as a ‘Junior Year Abroad’ student from Boston studying at The School of Irish Studies in Dublin. This was in 1975. Who among those 20-odd, 21-year-old Americans will forget Professor Jim Mayes’s final exam question on Joyce? “Perfume of embraces all him assailed. With hungered flesh obscurely, he mutely craved to adore.”  Discuss! Somewhat mutely, I passed. My second awakening came 5 years later Read More

Returning to the River

I finished writing ‘Her Name is Rose’, in the summer of 2013. It was published in New York this past April, 2015 two days after I turned 61. I’m what the industry calls a late bloomer, and although it feels as if I’ve lived a few life times, I am not really a late bloomer at all. I’m just having a second flush. A bit like a delphinium in early summer. Give her a little fertiliser, cut her back, and she blooms again in September. This time I’m blooming as a debut novelist. To complete a novel, have it published, Read More


“Christine Breen creates an emotional story that tenderly explores the depth of a mother’s love. You will root for her characters as they lift you up with their compassion and goodness.“—Diane Chamberlain, international bestselling author, The Silent Sister (and 24 other novels). “This is a novel that will appeal to Anne Tyler fans. Christine Breen has a lovely feel for language and great affection for her characters. There’s something humane and kind about the way she writes, which is a great quality. It’s hard to do ‘nice’ and Breen does it very well.”—Jane Harris, bestselling author of Gillespie and I and The Observations Some wonderful book bloggers Read More

Book Launch Barnes & Noble NYC

Writers aren’t always techno wizards. This I have found out. WordPress isn’t always easy to figure out. This I have also found out. I had wanted to write on my blog page for months now, but between the jigs and the reels as we say in Ireland I couldn’t. And help came dripping slowly… Her Name is Rose was officially published in the US on 14 April, two days after my 61st birthday. I was here in Ireland, but determined to see it on a shelf in a NYC bookstore, the husband and I went over on the 19th.  We stayed Read More

Debut Novelists’ 40+ Club

DEBUT NOVELIST’S 40+ CLUB In response to articles both on the web and in print about debut novelists under 20, under 30, under 40, a writer named Antonia Honeywell wrote a piece for Faber called The View from Over the Hill in which she talks about being a debut novelist over 40. (Her novel The Ship will be published in Feb 2015. Antonia will be 43.)  Wondering how many other novelists were publishing their first novels at this age (and beyond) she posted the question on twitter. The response was overwhelming. And all credit to her she planned a luncheon in Read More