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Her Name is Rose was published in paperback in the US by St. Martins Press (2016)

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Under the catchy headline:  HALF IRISH, HALF AMERICAN, ALL WRITER, here’s an article I wrote for THE IRISH ECHO  It tells a little bit about me and how I came to write my novel.  


When the truth is stranger, and more difficult, than fiction. Much of my debut novel hinges on my protagonist’s cancer scare, but several months before its publication, on World Cancer Day, I received my own diagnosis. (This article first appeared in BOOK KEEPING, Farrar, Straus, Giroux.)


Should an author’s age matter? Here’s an opinion piece, RETURNING TO THE RIVER, I wrote for BOOKSIRELAND


Prolific and bestselling author Meg Clayton invited me to write a GUEST BLOG on her site which encourages FIRST WORDS for readers and writers. READ ON


The garden in Kiltumper has been evolving for more than 200 years . . .  it was always a working farmer’s garden which my ancestors, the long, tall Breens, cultivated since what seems like the beginning of time. Read about:  ADOPTING A GARDEN.


Niall Williams and I hold FICTION WRITING WORKSHOPS in Kiltumper twice yearly.  Here’s what they are like . . . described in a piece I wrote for 





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