The Year of Two Blue Moons

The Year of Two Blue Moons is  a contemporary novel set on an island off the coast of New England with some of the action taking place in  New York.  Its main character is Ally Winmann, single, 42, a healer, who’s desperate to have a child.

Her own family have been broken apart by tragedies leaving her estranged from her father, Josiah, a NYC lawyer.
By the end of the first chapter a surprise visitor will trigger an explosion of the cocoon she’d been building around her life and send her on a journey where she will have to heal the past.

My better half, Irish novelist, Niall Williams, says, The Year of Two Blue Moons is a novel about family, American family, the messiest kind.
It’s about an afternoon in June that shatters a privileged youth.
It’s about accidents and chance.
It’s about a woman who craves to make her own family, and a brother who almost destroys his.
It’s about escaping to an island, and a nephew who comes to find the missing part of his family.
It’s about a healer who has to learn how to heal the past.

It’s the most true and emotional thing I’ve written. These are real people with big awkward messy complicated relationships, which, in real life I know something about. It’s also about death and loss and grief and guilt and birth, and ultimately, it’s about joy.