“Christine Breen creates an emotional story that tenderly explores the depth of a mother’s love. You will root for her characters as they lift you up with their compassion and goodness.“—Diane Chamberlain, international bestselling author, The Silent Sister (and 24 other novels).
This is a novel that will appeal to Anne Tyler fans. Christine Breen has a lovely feel for language and great affection for her characters. There’s something humane and kind about the way she writes, which is a great quality. It’s hard to do ‘nice’ and Breen does it very well.”—Jane Harris, bestselling author of Gillespie and I and The Observations

Some wonderful book bloggers have reviewed HER NAME IS ROSE…

Long and Short Reviews writes: “Her Name Is Rose has so many wonderful things in between its pages. Colorful characters, a story that has you turning the pages, and settings like London, Ireland and Boston that add just another layer.”

Katherine Scott Jones writes: “This was one of those rare but delightful occasions when a novel exceeded my expectations. I try not to quote other reviewers or endorsers very often, but this one from Jane Harris (Gillespie and I) is worth repeating: “It’s hard to do ‘nice,’ and Breen does it very well.”

Kritters Ramblings writes: “I absolutely adored this book.  Just like the cover, it read so elegantly and I loved having both a mother and a daughter go on a journey where they are trying to find themselves.  There aren’t that many books where you get to follow both mother and daughter and both have a need to find something.”

RT Book Reviews: “Breen’s emotional tale is perfect for fans of complex novels, thanks to the deep emotions exuded throughout and the many travels embedded within, which incessantly tug on the heartstrings. There are more than several surprises, which keep the engaging plot moving freely, and our admirable heroine, Rose, teaches us exactly what the scent of a woman is all about.”

Ms Em Recommends writes: “This is my favorite kind of women’s fiction; everyday characters, ordinary problems, extraordinary situations looked at through lenses of love and kindness. The kind that leaves me with hope for the human condition and the world at large.”

Debbie Krenzer writes: “I read this all in one sitting and was thoroughly entertained. Although I was very bummed to see it end. I wanted to hear more of became of the couples, but alas I’m just going to have to think they lived happily ever after.”

WTFAreYouReading writes: “Her Name is Rose is a beautifully emotional read. …a story of connectedness. Its beginnings, endings, reasons, and justifications.”

Chick Lit Goddess writes: “Written in lyrical prose that brings the music within its pages to life, HER NAME IS ROSE is a gorgeous and intimate debut novel about the bond between a mother and daughter, and what happens when life does not play out the way you expect.”


  1. I read a recommendation of Her Name Is Rose by an author on Facebook. It was such a lovely recommendation that I wanted to read the book. I absolutely loved it. It is so well written. It flows beautifully and led me from one page to another. I had surgery yesterday and tried to finish it before, but that didn’t happen. Last night, in the hospital, I was able to complete the story. Or is it completed?

  2. Thank you Eileen! What a lovely comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it… I hope your surgery was successful. x

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